A writer and editor by trade, I love to draw—mostly pictures of my dogs, River and Calla. Here, I post drawings, photos and other artwork of the two cutest animals ever (and some of their very adorable friends). Subscribe to get an email when there's a new drawing. Questions? Contact me. Elsewhere on the web: My Dog is Chelsea and Remember the Pudding.

Calla, River and Huxley, ink and watercolor, 2012. This past weekend was our combined bachelor/bachelorette party—an awesome weekend in the woods with some of our favorite people and dogs. I spent most of my time relaxing around the campfire with a beer in one hand and my sketchbook in the other. The dogs, exhausted from a day of tromping in the woods and pouncing through the creek, snoozed long enough for me to sketch them (though even when dogs are sleeping they move A LOT). I never managed to draw the ever-energetic Zorro, a cattle dog mix who I have never, ever seen tired, even after hours of jumping five feet in the air in pursuit of an out-of-reach tree branch.

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