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Calla running on the beach, felt-tip pen, 2012.

I am officially married! Which means the dogs are officially sisters. =) We spent a lovely few days in Cannon Beach after the wedding. The dogs loved it: a beach practically all to themselves, just a two-minute walk from the house. For Martin and I, it was a much-needed respite from the craziness leading up to the wedding—and it gave me lots and lots of time to draw.

Martin took this photo during one of our walks on the beach. I loved it immediately because it captures Calla at the height of her signature “crazy run”—when she goes into a full-on, high-speed, unstoppable sprint, usually caused by her paws touching water or sand or gravel or wood chips or some other incredibly exciting surface.

I decided to forego the watercolors for this one and stick just to my favorite felt-tip artist pen. The silhouette almost reminds me of one of those intricate pumpkin-carving designs. Maybe if I get ambitious this year for Halloween I’ll attempt to give this one a whirl.

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