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Calla goes dog surfing, 2012. Ink and watercolor on cold press paper. This is a scan of the  drawing I posted via Instagram last week. I glimpsed this moment as we left town via the St. John’s Bridge on our way to the coast for our honeymoon. Unfortunately, I didn’t move fast enough to catch it on film, and I couldn’t get the image out of my head.

I decided to recreate it using a different dog-surfing-in-the-sideview-mirror photo I took of the dogs a few years ago. I took River out of it, since it had only been Calla sticking her head out going over the bridge (I believe River was using the other window). Then I found images of the St. Johns Bridge on the good ol’ intertubes to use as a guide for the background.

What I love about this moment is the joy that Calla feels when she sticks her head out the window and lets the wind blow back her ears (a Springsteen reference for the Boss fans among us). It was exactly what I was feeling as Martin and I drove out of town: a road behind us, a world ahead of us, and nothing to do but enjoy the wonder that is life.

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